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 Adoption and Foster Care

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Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg has provided adoption services since it was founded in 1954. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to provide adoption and foster care services. At Catholic Charities, we are deeply devoted to providing these services as one way of supporting the commitment of the Catholic Church to the sanctity of life.

Our adoption services include:

  • Foster-to-Adopt
  • Infant Adoption - our Infant Program is not currently accepting new adoptive families
  • Private Adoption
  • International Adoption (home study and supervision only)
  • Post-Adoption Service
  • Adult Adoption Search


We invite you to consider the blessings of older child or special needs adoption! There are currently over 2,500 children in Pennsylvania who are waiting for their forever family. This means that there is a great need for families who are willing to provide a loving and permanent home to a child or sibling group that is involved with the foster care system.

In Pennsylvania, children in foster care are considered to be "special needs" if they are over the age of five; of a racial minority; in a sibling group, have a genetic or medical condition; or have a documented physical or emotional disability. Families interested in older child or special needs adoption may complete the adoption process at little to no cost. In addition, these children may qualify for adoption assistance until they reach the age of 18.

Catholic Charities provides each of our families with support and educational experiences to help prepare them for the special issues present in foster care. You will receive support throughout the process from your individual caseworker. Post-adoption support is also available.

Meet the Kids within Pennsylvania waiting for their forever family. For additional information, please call us at 724-837-1840, or visit or

 Become an Adoptive Parent

​Infant Adoption
Infant adoption is available to married, childless couples over the age of 21 through the Infant Program at Catholic Charities. Interested couples must have experienced infertility, and must complete the home study process. Due to low number of infant placements statewide, the wait time once a couple is accepted into the program is generally three to five years.

Our Infant Program is not currently accepting new adoptive families.  We will update this information should space in our program become available.

Private Adoption
Private adoptions are arranged without agency involvement in the placement process. They generally take place through a private attorney and involve the birth parents and the pre-adoptive parents. The parties involved may have been matched by an attorney or may have found each other on their own (through social media, word of mouth, etc.). Catholic Charities is able to provide a home study and any required post-placement supervision for a private adoption.

International Adoption
Catholic Charities is a Hague Accredited agency through the Council on Accreditation pursuant to the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000. This accreditation ensures that international adoptions take place in the best interest of the children and helps to prevent the abduction, sale, or trafficking of children in connection with international adoptions. Currently, Catholic Charities is able to complete international home studies and provide post-placement and post-adoption services as an exempt service provider.

International Adoption Expenses
The total amount paid to Catholic Charities will vary depending upon the country from which adopting parents adopt, and the age of the child adopted. The nature of international adoption makes it impossible to predict the exact estimated client coordinated expenses.

Estimated client coordinated expenses are only an estimate and may be more or less in adopting parents' specific adoption. The program fees for the country adopting parents have chosen, together with the estimate of adopting parents' other costs and expenses, and the time when payments are due, are outlined below.


​Below is a list of fees that accompany the different types of adoption through Catholic Charities. All fees are non-refundable (see reference below in regard to escrow refunds). All fees are subject to change. Through collaboration with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, we are currently able to work with individuals and families in the following ten counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington and Westmoreland.

Payment is expected as follows:

  • $1,250 (50%) Due upon completion of application
  • $1,250 (50%) Due upon completion of the home study
  • $3,000 Due upon placement of an infant (infant only)
​Home Study​Placement​Supervision​Court Appearance​Annual Updates
​Domestic (Infant Program)
​Domestic (Private)​$2,500N/A​​$200 per visit, per child$200​$150​
​Domestic (Foster to Adopt)$2,500 or at no cost to you**​​N/AIncluded​IncludedIncluded
​International (see International Adoption Fees for additional fees)​$2,500​N/A​$200 per visit, per child​$150 (if applicable)

** Foster to Adopt - Those interested in Older Child or Special Needs adoption may complete the adoption process at little to no cost. Individuals and families may qualify for an Affiliate Referred Family Profile, which is paid for through the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN). If a family interested in such an adoption chooses to pay for the home study upfront, it may be reimbursed through state funding following an adoption. The legal fees for these adoptions are paid for by the state in most cases. Mediation fees for Post Adoption Contact Agreements may also be covered. For more information regarding the types of children available through SWAN, contact us directly or visit

 Additional Fees

Fees Information

​Mediation of Post-Adoption Contact Agreements

$150 per hour (maximum of two hour sessions) or at no cost to you**
​Post-Adoption Services Available at no cost through SWAN for foster to adopt cases. Services for other types of adoptions are also available and are based on the agency's sliding fee scale.​


​Services provided outside of a 50 mile radius of our main office (Greensburg) will be charged mileage at the current federal rate. Lodging fees are charged if applicable.
​Miscellaneous Fees (Infant, Private, International) ​Varies. See explanation below.
​Attorney Fees (Infant, Private, International) ​Adoptive parent(s) legal fees are paid directly to the attorney and are the responsibility of the prospective adoptive parent(s).

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees are those for which you are responsible. The include, but are not limited to: all fees related to the termination of birth parent rights (i.e. attorney filing fees, attorney fees related to time and travel, certified mailings and public notices) and hospital infant photos.

To assist you in preparing for the miscellaneous fees explained above, you may deposit monies into an escrow account. This account will be established through Catholic Charities over the course of your waiting period to provide coverage of expected costs. Any monies in escrow that exceed the amount needed will be refunded.

 International Adoption Fees


​International Home Study (Paid to Catholic Charities - nonrefundable)

50% Due with application
50% Due at completion

​Prior to providing any adoption service, Catholic Charities will disclose in writing to the prospect adoptive parent(s) categories of fees and estimated expenses that may be incurred in connection with an intercountry adoption:

  • Home Study preparation and approval fee
  • Preparer of the Home Study (Catholic Charities, supervised provider, exempted provider, or approved person)
  • Travel outside a 50 mile radius of the Greensburg Office at the current federal mileage rate (due at each home visit)

​Dossier/International Processing (Paid to Catholic Charities - nonrefundable)

Due at Home Study completion only when Catholic Charities is acting as the Primary Provider

​Expected fees and expenses for all adoption services and authentication other than the home study preparation, provided in the United States, including but not limited to:

  • Personnel costs
  • Administrative overhead
  • Operational costs
  • Training and education
  • Communication and publications
  • Miscellaneous related costs
​Adoption Services Provided in the Child's Country of Origin

​Expected total fees and estimated expenses for all adoption services provided in the child's country of origin (paid directly by the adoptive parent(s) to the foreign provider), including but not limited to:

  • Personnel costs
  • Administrative overhead
  • Training and education
  • Legal services
  • Communications
  • Miscellaneous related costs
​$6,000 - $10,000
​Care of the Child

​Expected total fees and estimated expenses charged for the care of the child in the country of origin prior to adoption (paid directly by the adoptive parent(s) to the foreign provider), including but not limited to:

  • Food, Clothing, Shelter
  • Medical care
  • Foster care services
  • Orphanage care
  • Miscellaneous related costs provided directly to the child
​$1,000 - $2,000
​Translations and Documents

​Expected total fees and estimated expenses for obtaining any necessary documents and for any translation of documents related to the adoption, along with information on whether the prospective adoptive parent(s) will be expected to pay these costs directly or to third parties either in the US or in the child's country of origin. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Costs for obtaining, translating, or copying records or documents
  • Costs for the child's Convention court documents
  • Passport
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Other documents
​$1,000 - $2,000

​Any known fixed contribution amount or percentage that the prospective adoptive parent(s) will be expected or required to make the child protection or child welfare services programs in the child's country of origin, or in the United States (paid by adoptive parent in the foreign country)

  • Must include an explanation of the intended use of the contribution
  • Must include the manner in which the transaction will be recorded and accounted for
​Post Placement and Post Adoption Reports (Paid to Catholic Charities - nonrefundable)

​The cost of post-placement visits will be charged at a per/visit-per/child charge

  • The number of visits will be based on the requirements of the child's country of origin
  • There will be no additional fees for the preparation of the written report
  • Travel outside of a 50 mile radius of the Greensburg Office is paid to Catholic Charities (due at each home visit)
  • Re-adoption Costs: The expected cost for preparing an updated adoptive home study and the fee for the adoption staff member to attend the hearing will be set and provided to the prospective adoptive parent(s).

​$200 per visit, per child

$500 - $1,000 for Re-adoption Costs

​Third Party Fees

​Expected total fees and estimated expenses for services that the prospective adoptive parent(s) will be responsible to pay directly to a third party

  • Competent authorities
  • Central Authority
  • Others
​$500 - $1,000
​Travel and Accommodation Expense​Expected total fees and estimated expenses for travel, transportation and accommodations services are the responsibility of the adoptive parent(s) and are to be paid directly by the adoptive parent(s)​$4,000 - $5,000

​The return of any funds paid to Catholic Charities to which the prospective adoptive parent(s) may be entitled will be returned within sixty (60) days of closure by a check drawn on the Diocese of Greensburg.

The return of any funds paid to Catholic Charities for which services were not provided will be returned within sixty (60) days of closure by a check drawn on the Diocese of Greensburg.

* Fees from Central Authorities and Countries of Origin have been estimated.

 Additional Services

Home Study Process
The adoptive home study, or family profile, is the legal cornerstone of all types of adoptions. As an agency licensed by the PA Department of Human Services, Catholic Charities is able to approve and supervise both foster and pre-adoptive homes. Once you make an initial inquiry, we will schedule an orientation interview with you. At this time, you will receive an application packet that outlines all of the paperwork and trainings required for approval. We can begin the interview process (generally four to seven interviews) as soon as we receive back the completed application packet.

Adult Adoption Search
If you were adopted as an infant through our Catholic Charities office, or if you placed your infant into custody for adoption through us, we can assist you in conducting an Adult Adoption Search. We employ designated authorized search representatives pursuant to Pennsylvania Act 101 of 2010 (Open Adoption and Search Law) to ensure the confidentiality of all parties involved. Prior to the enactment of this law, only adoptees who were 18 years of age, or who had permission from their adoptive parents, could conduct a search for birth relatives or birth history information. That remains the same, but now birth parents or certain birth relatives (see the request form for details) can also search for an adoptee once the adoptee reaches 21 years of age.

If you are interested in pursuing a search, please fill out Formal Request Form.pdf  and return it via the instructions on the form. You can request a Non-Identifying Search summary for $75 and an Identifying Search (full search) for $325. For more information, please call 724-837-1840.
Adoptees or birth parents who are seeking information regarding Act 127 of 2016, which outlines the process and requirements for adopted individuals to receive a noncertified copy of their original birth record, please see the link below for details and instructions:

 I'm Pregnant

Pregant and Confused? You are not alone! We can help!

Questions? Contact us.

An unplanned pregnancy can be one of life's most challenging experiences. You may feel scared, confused, and feeling pressure to make the "right" decision. You might be overwhelmed and unsure if you are ready for the responsibilities that lie ahead. Catholic Charities offers free, confidential, and personal support. Our caring and experienced staff provides both individual and family counseling to help birth parents sort out their feelings and make informed choices. This can be an emotionally difficult process, but we are here to support you every step of the way.


We offer basic parenting education, guidance and resources. Should you choose to keep and parent your infant, we are able to help you locate services and support in your area. We will explore your financial situation, living arrangements, child care needs, emotional support and maturity, as well as the role the birth father will play in the child's life. Through the generosity of donations we are blessed to have a Baby Closet. Items that may be available to help you get started on your parenting journey include: diapers, formula, blankets, baby clothes and other assorted infant items.

If you decide that adoption is the best option for you and your child, we can assist you with creating an adoption plan. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you would like to be in this process. Some women prefer to choose and interview pre-adoptive families, while others prefer that members of our Catholic Charities staff make the placement decision. We are able to facilitate open, semi-open, and closed adoptions.

Our waiting families would like to share their stories and photos with you. Each pre-adoptive family has gone through an extensive home study approval process that includes interviews, criminal background checks, a home safety inspection, references, etc. Each home meets all criteria set forth by the PA Department of Human Services.

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